Paloma Communications: welcome!

Paloma Communications is a translation agency run by four very dedicated translators who proudly present the quadrumvirate: "four women, four languages, four dimensions".

Paloma Communications: the people
Paloma Communications is owned by Belinda Kroes MA, English specialist, Bachelor of Translation, sworn translator of English, member of Kwaliteitsregister Tolken & Vertaler and member of SENSE: Society of English Native Speakers Editors.

Paloma Communications works closely together with:
      Ivana Drößler-Winterman LLM, translator of German, owner of Drößler-Winterman-Übersetzungen
        (Drößler-Winterman Translations), member of NGTV (Netherlands Society of Interpreters and
      Henny de Man, Bachelor of Translation and sworn translator of French, Interpreter, owner of
        Zero-Six Vertalingen/Traductions (Zero-Six Translations).

      Loes Steinebach, Bachelor of Translation, Sworn translator Spanish, owner of
SteinebachTraducciones (Steinebach Translations) and member of NGTV

All translators completed their HBO (Higher Vocational Education) at the Hogeschool West-Nederland voor Vertaler en Tolk (HWN) with the national Snevt exam.
All translators have a wide range of experience in several disciplines, which we gladly synchronize with our translations. This is what we like to call our synergy!

Paloma Communications: our service to you
      Translation of text, from English, German, French and Spanish into Dutch, and vice versa.
      Language training English: Paloma Communications provides language training in English in
        Amsterdam. These custom-made trainings will be carried out according to your wishes.
      Language training Spanish: Steinebach Traducciones provides languages training in Dutch and
        Spanish for both adults and children.
      Proofreading/Editing: Paloma Communications gladly proofreads and edits your documents and
        web pages in Dutch, English, German, French and Spanish.
      Additional services: translation of a letter, memo, email, or interpretation of telephone

Paloma Communications: estimate?
In order to give you the best price estimate for your translation, we would like to receive the following details:
      Source language.
      Target language.
      Target group.
      Word count of your source text.
      Any additional requirements you may have.
All translations are carried out in Word Fast, which guarantees you a consistent translation. All rights of the Translation Memory remain with the translator.

Paloma Communications: rates
Paloma Communications provides an excellent service. We believe that a translation is 'tailor made'. The rate depends on the criteria as given above.
To give you an indication we provide an overview below.
      < - 5000 words = € 0,13 per word;
      5000 - 10.000 words = € 0,12 per word;
      10.000 -> = € 0,11 per word;
      Technical, legal, financial or medical translations = € 0,02 per word extra;
      Source text handed in as hard copy, fax or in PDF = € 0,01 per word extra;
      Sworn translation = additional 25% over the total sum;
      Apostilles = hourly rate of € 40, excluding legal fees of ministries and embassies;
      Rush job = additional 25% during the week, or additional 50% during weekends, over the
        total sum;
      Hourly rate for proofreading/editing = € 40.
      Additional services: letters, memos, emails up to 300 words = € 25. For 300 words and up, the
        rates as given above will apply.
      Additional services: phone calls, within the Netherlands € 15 for the first 15 minutes, each
        additional 15 minutes € 10. Phone calls abroad (from the Netherlands) € 15 plus the service
        costs per minute as charged by KPN (Royal Dutch Telecom) for network and mobile phones.
      A discount of 10% on the total amount of the invoice per month for using multiple products of
        the additional services.
      Other rates available per request.

All estimates are excluding VAT of 19%. Our German translator lives in Germany, which does have its consequences for the VAT. Please contact Ivana for more information!
For more information with respect to proofreading and/or editing in Spanish, do not hesitate to contact Loes!

Paloma Communications: more information?
Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information at + 31 (0)20-6335555 for any question on Dutch or English translations, and general questions on French, German and Spanish. For more specific information on these last three languages, please contact Elène for French, Ivana for German, and Loes for Spanish, by clicking on the language flag above!